Legal Professionals

To start a legal practice and to grow your business once you have clients can require different focuses. We can provide training and support at the very beginning when the need to save money may be paramount. Then we can provide full service when your needs are more complex and maximising your billable time is essential.

The technical side of things:
For people starting a legal practice we recommend very simple software which can generate bills, follow up with clients, allow them to pay easily by a variety of methods, track who owes you money, and run reports to keep tabs on how your business is doing.

As your business become more successful and you need all your time working with clients more complex software may be required and we can seamlessly transfer your accounts and take over the account keeping altogether.

An interesting add on to general accounting software is Leap software which includes practical legal guidance & precedent documents; automated statutory & legal forms for all common areas of law; integrated online property & business searches and all the record keeping tools needed for documents, time, disbursements, legal & trust accounting.

Breezy Bookkeeping



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