Don’t use traditional bookkeeping options for a modern business and don’t go without!

As Breezy Bookkeeping has recently gone through the arduous process of certification in Saasu accounting software and QuickBooks online software as well as becoming a partner with Neto and other add-ons we are confident we can provide exceptional ecommerce solutions.

Saasu is cloud accounting software that has been evolving for 14 years, was created entirely to be online, and is constantly being updated without needing updates installed. It merges seamlessly with an absolute multitude of add-ons and ecommerce sites such as Ebay and Shopify.  In fact it sends information back and forth between Saasu and these sites which other accounting software cannot do yet. This helps with inventory management and reduces double entry of data. Saasu has 50 add-ons available at the moment and as Saasu has open source API many new add-ons can be attached with the help of a computer programmer (which we can provide as an added service).

QuickBooks online has benefits in its pricing, its currency updates every four hours and photos of your receipts can easily be added to your expense entries on the spot. Add ons can be attached such as Mailchimp, WooCommerce and Receipt Bank. It is also cloud based and can be accessed by phone, tablet, or other devices from the road or wherever you are (at least one business owner does his data entry and reads his reports from his boat while waiting for fish to bite!)

If you want a bookkeeper who will always be looking for ways to improve your business and will offer more options than traditional desktop account keeping

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