Allied Health Professionals

At Breezy Bookkeeping we enjoy working with allied  health service professionals. Whether you are a psychologist, speech pathologist, naturopath or anyone who charges for their time and expertise we have software and processes to suit. Allied health professionals may sell a few items but generally do not have large inventory requirements and so we ensure you don’t pay for things you don’t need.

We find that allied health providers benefit from seeing a bookkeeper on an occasional basis, not too often, but are in danger of having cash flow problems if record keeping, budgets and projections are not maintained.

Sometimes the business aspect of being an allied health professional can be challenging. Providers may feel the role of following up clients for money owed is uncomfortable. Health professionals may lack the knowledge or confidence in maintaining their business accounts.

We at Breezy Bookkeeping admire what you do in caring for others and we are here to care for you.

It’s easy

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