8 reasons why you might NOT need a bookkeeper

  1. You’re so rich it doesn’t matter if none of your customers ever pay their invoices.
  2. You and your friends like to get together to talk about the amazing features on the Intuit accounting software and compare notes about new plug-ins being added to Xero. This makes for some crazy Saturday nights.
  3. Your favourite days of the year are the days when the federal budget and the state budget papers are released. Christmas and your birthday right there.
  4. The sight of a set of well filed documents elicits a sigh of satisfaction.
  5. Two words: Bank Reconciliations. When you get to the end of them and all the numbers balance you very nearly glow.
  6. You have a family member with no experience and no knowledge of legislation who is willing to give it a shot.
  7. You don’t mind paying fines to the Australian Taxation Office. In fact you think the ATO doesn’t get nearly as much money as it deserves.
  8. You have way too much time on your hands.

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